bi_etl.notifiers.jira module

class bi_etl.notifiers.jira.Jira(config_section: JiraNotifier, *, name: str | None = None)[source]

Bases: NotifierBase

__init__(config_section: JiraNotifier, *, name: str | None = None)[source]
add_attachment(issue, attachment)[source]

Attach an attachment to an issue and returns a Resource for it.

The client will not attempt to open or validate the attachment; it expects a file-like object to be ready for its use. The user is still responsible for tidying up (e.g., closing the file, killing the socket, etc.)

  • issue – the issue to attach the attachment to

  • attachment

    file-like object to attach to the issue, also works if it is a string with the filename, or a tuple with a file-like object and a filename.

    If the (file, filename) tuple is not used the file object’s name attribute is used. If you acquired the file-like object by any other method than open(), make sure that a name is specified in one way or the other.

Return type:

an Attachment Resource


Send a temporary status messages that gets overwritten with the next status message that is sent.



send(subject, message, sensitive_message=None, attachment=None, throw_exception=False)[source]

Log a Jira issue

To use special formatting codes plesae see

  • subject

  • message

  • sensitive_message

  • attachment

  • throw_exception