bi_etl.utility package



Module contents

Created on Nov 18, 2014

@author: Derek Wood

bi_etl.utility.dict_to_list(obj, depth=0, **kwargs)[source]
bi_etl.utility.dict_to_pairs(obj, prefix=None, delimit='.')[source]
bi_etl.utility.dict_to_str(obj, depth=0, **kwargs)[source]

Parameters: obj is the object to convert to a string format

entry_name is the main title to put at the top (default blank)

depth is the starting depth (default 0)

indent_per_level is the number of spaces to indent per depth level (default 2)

depth_limit is the limit on how many levels deep to recurse (default no limit)

item_limit is the limit on how many items in a given container to output (default no limit)

show_type is a boolean indicating if the type of each entry should be included (default True)

show_list_item_number is a boolean indicating if the sequence number should be included for list entries (default True)

type_formats is a dictionary mapping types to print format specifiers

bi_etl.utility.double_quote_value(value) str[source]
bi_etl.utility.quote_delimited_list(value_list, delimiter=', ', quote_function: ~typing.Callable[[object], str] = <function single_quote_value>) str[source]
bi_etl.utility.single_quote_value(value) str[source]