Config Wrangler (config_wrangler)

pydantic based configuration wrangler. Handles reading multiple ini or toml files with inheritance rules and variable expansions.

This tool grew out of the limitations discovered using ConfigParser with a multiple large ETL loads using the bi_etl framework.

  • Validate the configuration files at startup and not hours into the program run.

    e.g. ConfigParser.getint() would fail deep into a run when reading a non-integer value

  • Needed a clean way to support configuration items that might be either environment specific or shared across environments (checked into git).

  • Needed to have configuration items that are shared across multiple programs while also having some that are specific to each program. Also wanted to avoid a single huge monolith config file – that due to the validation had to all be valid in order for any single program that used part of it to startup successfully.

This project on PyPI: config-wrangler


Install using your package manager of choice:
  • poetry add config-wrangler

  • pip install -U config-wrangler

  • conda install config-wrangler -c conda-forge.

Parts of config_wrangler

Modules APIs

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